Lockdown 6.0

One Life. Live It Well.

Life, as we know it, is a roller coaster So, based on the latest government announcement today at 4.15pm, we are back into lockdown as of 8pm tonight - Thursday 5 August.

Hopefully, it will be a short and sharp lockdown and we will riding back up high on the roller coaster in a few days.

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Direct Debit Members

If you are a direct debit member, you will notice your regular debit amount being processed today.

We prepare our debits every 2nd Wednesday and they are uploaded to our bank first thing on Thursday mornings. Unfortunately, with such little notice from the government, the debits were processed as normal today. Please do not stress, we will make the relative adjustments to your next date once we re-open, so all will work out Rest assured, there will be no further debits during lockdown.

Stay Connected

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Stay Positive

Lockdowns are not fun and we know how challenging this can be for all of us both physically and mentally. Please try to keep active physically and practice some mindfulness exercises.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the gym as soon as the current Lockdown ends.