Extended Lockdown 6.0


Hi OneFam

Not the news we were hoping for. We were very much looking forward to having the family back, however, we need to all stay focused and look forward to re-uniting as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is some updated info for all of our members.

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Direct Debits

If you are Direct Debit member, rest assured, your direct debits will remain on freeze until we re-open. You may have noticed a slightly higher amount debited on your last debit. No, this wasn’t a processing error. It was a small adjustment (pro rata) due to the previous Lockdown coming into effect during the direct debit cycle. We stress again - there will be NO FURTHER DEBITS until we re-open. No need to request suspension / freeze, we have automatically frozen everyone.

Paid in Advance

Members who are paid in advance will have the extra time automatically added to their membership when we re-open. Again, no need to action anything, we’ve got you covered.

Membership Sale

If you have any friends or family members who would benefit from becoming a member of One, we would encourage them to join now, during our lockdown. They can join now, secure our awesome offer, and their membership will commence from when we re-open. The current GREEN & GOLD SALE has been extended until the end of Lockdown. This is genuinely one of our best ever new member offers for 2021, so, be sure to let your friends and family know. Joining is 100% online, easy and takes less than 5 minutes. You can visit our offer by CLICKING HERE

Countdown to Summer and better times!

We know it’s been tough on all of us this year. But, we will always be here for you. Stay focused and stay active during lockdown. Remember, Spring is here in a few days and Summer is just 12 weeks away. We look forward to continuing to provide you a friendly, safe and supportive environment to get fit and healthy for hot balmy beach days!

Stay amazing OneFam